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Your discussions with solution providers shouldn't revolve around hardware -- or even software -- they should be discussions and assessments of improving the efficiency of business processes directed at reducing costs, increasing sales, improving competitiveness, and driving a better understanding of customer needs and expectations. At Entsgo, we learned long ago that successful technology implementations aren't just about helping you pick the right software, platform or infrastructure. It's about drilling into the core business strategy, requirements and goals and using this information to drive technology investment. Our recommended solutions are positioned squarely with your business requirements to help generate a competitive edge, sustained growth and immediate ROI. Learn more...

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Openbravo is an award-winning developer of professional open source solutions for businesses, offering the industry's first real alternative to proprietary enterprise software.>>>
IFS, global enterprise applications company and pioneer of component based ERP, provides software solutions that enable organizations to become more agile.>>>

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